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Terms & Conditions

Please Read in Full Before Placing an Order

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The Boujie Bakery

(hereinafter “We,” “Us,” "Our,” “The Boujie Bakery”)


These Terms & Conditions govern the relationship between you (hereinafter “You,” “Your,” “Customer,” “Client”) and The Boujie Bakery when placing an order. Placing an order constitutes your agreement to these Terms & Conditions.

Our Guarantee

The Boujie Bakery will provide a professionally decorated dessert as specified in the invoice or contract. We appreciate your business and are honored that you have chosen our bakery for your special celebration. We guarantee that the flavors, size, and general design elements will meet your invoice outlines. However, if you are unsatisfied with our product(s), please let us know when you receive your order.

Design and Consultation

You may select from our existing portfolio ( or our bakery can design something unique for you. We offer no-obligation design consultations. The Boujie Bakery will follow your requests closely to create your desired design. 

Artistic License

By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions and paying for your order, you agree that any items ordered will be reproduced as The Boujie Bakery’s interpretation of the item and will not be a replica. The Boujie Bakery reserves the right to exercise artistic licensure to guarantee the structural, visual, and creative integrity of a cake or dessert structure. Custom cakes are a work of art; therefore, we will not copy the work produced elsewhere due to copyright or trademark laws. The finished product(s) will be as similar as possible. We will make every attempt to provide the design as requested, including matching colors.


We will send you a price quote within seventy-two hours of your request or consultation. However, we can only provide you with a sketch or an exact design once you have committed to our bakery by paying a booking fee. Your event date is secured, and your order is confirmed upon receipt of the booking fee.



Must be secured with a booking fee at least three months before the required collection or delivery date. We can sometimes accommodate short-notice orders, so please contact us to discuss your needs. A convenience fee will apply if The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries accept your short-notice wedding order.

Booking Fees & Payments

The booking fee is due when the order is placed and represents your acceptance of all order details. The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries will only treat your order as confirmed once your booking fee has been received. The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries will only hold your collection or delivery date if the booking fee is received within three days of the invoice date. After this time, your date is not guaranteed and will be available

All wedding orders require a 50% booking fee to secure your order. Short notice orders placed within one month of the wedding date require full payment at the time of ordering. Wedding orders totaling less than $300 require full payment at the time of ordering.


We will only complete a fully paid order. If the invoice is not paid in full by the due date, you forfeit your order, and no refund, future credit, or date change will be permitted.

We are not responsible for any loss due to non-payment. If the total amount of an order is not received by the due date, we will mark the order as canceled, and the cancellation policy applies. If you attempt to make a late payment, we reserve the right to refuse it, and you will forfeit your 50% booking fee. Additionally, if we choose to resume work on the order, a late fee of 25% of the total cost (excluding taxes) will be charged. Payment is due at the time of confirmation.

Collection (Pick Up)

Collection dates and times are scheduled at the time of ordering.  We can make arrangements for certain holidays, weekends, or Sunday orders with a service fee of $50.


Collection is available for all bakery items excluding three tiered cakes and higher.  All other cake sizes will be delivered so they arrive safely and hassle-free to you and your guests.


Please be on time to collect your order.  You have a 15-minute window to pick up your order.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will remain at the pickup location outside your collection window. 


If you cannot make your scheduled collection time, please call to reschedule.  If you do not call to reschedule your collection time and are late, a late fee will be applicable.  If you are early, you must wait until the agreed-upon time to collect your order.

Suppose you or your designee opt to pick up your order and opt not to have The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries delivered to your venue. In that case, you must sign our self-transport Waiver, releasing us of any responsibility for damage that might occur during transport.


Upon visual inspection of your order and its departure from the premises, you or your designee approve the cake's visual appearance, waiving any rights to a refund based on the product's style, design, or visual appearance(s).  A signature is required at collection, confirming that you have received your order in good condition and as specified.  The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries will not accept liability for any damage sustained to any product(s) once it has been collected and signed for.


No Call, No Show Orders

Any order that is not picked up at the agreed-upon time without an attempt to reschedule is forfeited, and absolutely no refund, future credit, or date change will be permitted under any circumstances. 
Order(s) may be donated to charity or resold at the discretion of The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries.
Because of the nature of our business and our quality and freshness assurance, we will dispose of any items that have not been picked up or delivered within 48 hours after the specified collection time has passed.



Delivery should be arranged at the time the reservation is placed or as soon as possible afterward. The delivery charge covers our time, fuel costs and set-up.  The cost of delivery is based on mileage and time.  We deliver up to 30 miles from our locations (Locations listed here).

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided the correct delivery information and to ensure that the venue is open and available at the arranged time. At the venue, should we have to wait to gain entry, you will be billed for the time at a rate of $50 per hour. If no one is available to receive the order at the agreed delivery time, your order will be returned to our bakery, and we will contact you to arrange an alternative delivery time; for which a charge will be assessed. The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries accepts no responsibility for any loss or consequential loss incurred by the customer as a result.


The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries are not responsible for any delay or inability to deliver based on accidents, natural disasters, transportation issues, inclement weather, illness, death, labor troubles, delay of supplies, disputes, strikes, or any other circumstance beyond The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries control.  


In the case of an unavoidable situation, such as a car accident or poor road conditions during delivery, The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries cannot be held liable for more than the cost of the order.


Set up

This service includes unboxing and placing the desserts on their respective displays, touch-ups, floral placement, and final designs.  Please ensure any display pieces you provide are on the cake table before our arrival.  We do not offer full table design, draping, and lighting.  This is best left to your coordinator before our arrival.  Additional fees will apply.


Date Changes & Cancellations

If, for any reason, you need to revise your occasion date, our bakery will try our best to accommodate these changes at no additional cost, provided sufficient notice and the new occasion date is available. Our bakery will do our best to accommodate your order, but we CANNOT GUARANTEE the availability.  The booking fee will not be refunded if our bakery is fully booked for your new occasion date. Please bear this in mind when ordering; any monies paid are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. 



The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries offer cake tastings for wedding orders.  We encourage clients to visit our website to see our portfolio before scheduling an appointment.  It is easier to choose cakes or other confections that will coordinate with the look and feel of your event if you have done some essential planning before you meet with us. If you are still deciding on a design, flavor(s), and size, we won't be able to provide the best quote for your needs.  It is helpful to have a preliminary budget in mind before you come to the meeting. Try to be flexible about your design, practical about your budget, and mindful about your needs.


Our wedding cake tasting provides a sample of the quality of our delicious cakes. While we will make every effort to provide you with a great selection of the cakes you would like to try, we are limited to our popular flavors and those recently ordered. We permit our clients to request three flavors they want to sample during their consultation. 

Cake tasting kits and consultations are available upon request. Tastings are approximately 30-45 minutes by appointment in store at South Park Mall. You will meet with us during your tasting to discuss your wedding and start the design process. 


Wedding cake tastings are $50.00 (2-person limit). Before booking your consultation, you should have your wedding date and venue secured and a good idea of the theme and colors you wish to use. We suggest planning your tasting 6 to 9 months in advance.


Design Alterations

Your order is important to us, so please take the time to check the details of your order carefully. You are responsible for contacting us about any changes required to your original order.  Any changes made to your original design after the order has been secured with a booking fee are subject to a design change fee and a difference in the quoted price.  The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries will try and accommodate any changes where possible.  However, we cannot guarantee to do so and reserve the right to increase the price quoted for any extra work required.  You will not be refunded for supplies that may no longer be needed but have already been purchased.  Please note that our bakery cannot make any changes within seven days of the delivery/collection/shipping date for celebrations or four weeks of weddings. 


Cake Decorations

You assume full responsibility for removing non-edible cake décor from your cake before cutting or serving. This includes but is not limited to name tags, cake toppers or any items standing on the cake, rhinestone decorations, ribbons, sugar flowers, etc. While some of these items may be made from edible materials, they may not be intended for consumption. Items such as wires, skewers, dowels, or other items are used for strength and flexibility to achieve the desired appearance of the decoration. We strongly advise against eating décor. Be mindful of placing décor items from cakes in reach of or near children and other guests.


Upon collection or delivery, The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries will inform you or your designee of any non-edible items that must be removed before serving. 


Fresh Flowers 

The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries are not responsible for supplying any fresh flowers.  If you intend to use fresh flowers on the cake, you must obtain flowers from an outside reputable florist.  Fresh flowers are not food products and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants.  Please note that some flowers are not suitable for use on cakes.  It is your responsibility to determine flower safety and safe food practices.  


The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries will carefully prepare the flowers and arrange them on the cake for an additional fee. You assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake altered by anyone other than The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries.


Color Matching

We ask that you provide a swatch of the shade you would like for color matching.  The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries will do its best to match any color requests for icings. We aim for a perfect match, but this is not always possible. We will do our best to color match (within three shades darker or lighter) samples given to us, but please keep in mind that we are working with a food product and edible colors.

Light vastly affects colors, and we cannot guarantee exact color matches or color stability.  Cakes should be displayed out of direct sunlight to keep colors from fading. Please be advised that dark colors sometimes taste slightly bitter or stain.

Presentation & Display

While The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries try to ensure that our products are well presented and look the absolute best, the stability or levelness of the table upon which the items are displayed or the quality of the environment around the items is outside our control. Please ensure the “presentation table” is stable, level, and sturdy enough to hold the display.  If the items are to be set up by the venue staff, The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries will leave instructions on how the products are to be displayed and obtain a signature to verify that we have done so. Once the order is delivered/collected, set up, and signed for, The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries are not responsible for any interference or damage.


Serving Sizes

Serving size estimations are not guaranteed to be exact.  Specialty cakes, carved cakes, and methods of slicing may affect the total serving number.  Our bakery provides cake-cutting guides (except for carved cakes) with all orders for you to follow to get the ordered serving count.


The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries are not responsible for the shortage of any items caused by anyone NOT employed by The Boujie Bakery.


Quality and Storage

Your order will be baked as close to your delivery/collection day as possible to ensure quality and freshness.  Cakes covered with fondant should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably in the box that they are supplied in.  They should not be refrigerated. We suggest that cakes should be eaten as close to the delivery/collection date as possible.  The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries advises that all food must be consumed within 24 hours of the first serving. Any food consumed after 24 hours or later is at the client’s discretion and becomes their responsibility.  Once products have been delivered, the responsibility of consumption lies with the customer and, therefore, indemnifies The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries of all liability for personal use.



Please be aware that while your order may not be made with nuts or a nut product, it will have been prepared in a kitchen where nut products may be used in other cakes and fillings.  We cannot guarantee that your product(s) will be free from all nut traces.  All products may contain, or come into contact with, soy, wheat, dairy, nuts, natural dyes, artificial dyes, artificial flavorings, sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial color, and other allergens not listed.  It is your responsibility to inform your guests of this allergy information.  The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries are

will not be held liable for any allergic reaction resulting from the consumption of any products. 



Heat and humidity can adversely affect our product(s).  In warmer months, it is advised that our product(s) be kept in an air-conditioned area or, at the very least, a cool area. (Refrigeration is not recommended for fondant cakes).  It is strongly suggested that the product(s) being collected by the customer be transported in an air-conditioned vehicle. The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries are in no way responsible for any damage that may occur due to weather conditions.



Where damage does occur to the irrefutable fault of The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries, a partial or full refund may be given.  This will be determined on an individual basis. Proof must be provided immediately, either in person or by way of pictorial evidence. The customer is made aware that specific designs (e.g., topsy-turvy) are more structurally sensitive than others; improper handling can lead to damage. Assuming we have taken all precautions to provide you with sound structural support, The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries accepts no liability for any damage that may occur once products are in the customer's possession.



The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries reserves the right to use all photographs of the products for advertising purposes without compensation to you.


The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries are not responsible for bodily injury or consequential damage that may result from services.

By placing an order with The Boujie Bakery or its subsidiaries, you agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

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